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Lahore Development Authority has done numerous projects that are undoubtedly gigantic. The latest impending project which is being launched under the auspices of the Lahore Development Authority is the LDA City. This project is unique in nature and magnitude, contemplated to be the largest scheme of the Province of Punjab. LDA City has been launched on the basis of land sharing methodology between Development Partners and LDA. This housing scheme is the largest of the province, designed on the state-of-the-art urban development model, making provision for housing units of all categories expecting to attract residents from all strata of life, high rise buildings and modern commercial centers aiming to give a boost to the city’s economic life. The scheme will bring out a fresh and developed face of city providing healthy lifestyle to its residents at affordable costs. The design and Town Planning has been assigned by LDA to an internationally known company “Osmani (Pvt.) Ltd.” and Professor Spiro N. Pollalis of Harvard University is heading the team. The town plan envisages 42-45% of residential accommodation and 7-10% commercial areas. The remaining land is roads and open spaces/parks etc; which will give an elegant shape and living environment to each sector/block.


LDA City is located at main Ferozpur Road, alongside the Southern arc of the Lahore Ring Road just 1.5 KM from the terminal station of Metro Bus Service (Gaju Mata). Entrances are planned on Ferozpur Road, across Hudiara Drain short of Kahna (Gateway 1) and along Butchar Khana Distributry Canal near Kahna (Gateway 2). This gigantic Housing Scheme will be a state of the art urban Development model providing housing facility to over 50,000 families. Bounded by Ferozpur Road in the South, Defence Road/ Hudiara Drain in the North, 500 Meters alongside Buchar Khana Distributary in the South and Lahore – Karachi Railway line in the West, LDA City will be ultimately spread over 58,500 Kanals.


Community Center, Cineplex, Education City, Five Star Hotels, Health Facilities, Including Hospitals, Hyper Markets, Recreational Facilities such as Joy-Land and Mini Zoo, Shopping Malls, Separate Sites for Fruits and Vegetables, Sports City, Spacious Road Network, approachable via Metro Bus, Theme Parks and 18 Hole International Standard Golf Course.

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Project land area is around 45,000 Kanal which will be expanded to 60,000 Kanal in next few years. The proposed location of the project is on Farozpur Road and the entry point would be from Butcher Point Canal whereas Kahna Kacha Road will be on its northern side.

Project Features

  • Walk-up Apartments in LDA City Lahore
  • Educational Facilities Such as Schools
  • Colleges and Universities in LDA City Lahore Mega Project
  • Health Facilities Including Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hyper Markets

LDA City is a project of Lahore Development Authority. LDA is committed to help make Lahore the most livable mega city of the South Asian Region by 2014 and one of the thirty leading educational, cultural, commercial, industrial and information technology centres of the world by 2020. LDA has assigned six development partners the task for land acquisition for LDA City.

With a small but expert team, we have been rendering complete realty solutions for more than 25 years to our clients with a positive effort to make them free from property pains. Pak Estates is a registered entity in developers� community of Pakistan, owning the experience of creating various industrial estates at Ferozpur Road.

As a realty firm, we also deal in the residential housing schemes of Lahore e.g. DHA Phase 9, 10 & State Life. Currently, we are working as a proud development partner of LDA City to transfer land in favor of LDA (Registry Mutation) more speedily & transparently.

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