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For booking or purchasing a plot file in LDA City Lahore, you need to fill and submit the booking form( can be downloaded/taken from website or from office ) along with booking amount.

This is not a lengthy process, just after clearing the whole dues of the file, it takes very short time to transfer to your name, it is the whole responsibility of the Pak Group to transfer file to the holder name after clearing dues. 

Of course it is safe and secure investment, as it is govt based project. LDA is an authentic organization. And it has many completed many projects in LAHORE, like Town Ship,Garden town, Johar Town, Saroba Gardens, Venus housing scheme etc.etc.etc.

PAKGROUP office is located in DHA Lahore Pakistan. Its exact address is 147-CCA, Commercial Phase-4 DHA Lahore.

Generally it works from 9 a.m to 6:30 pm. But in special and busy days this time can be extended. 
You can come to office by consulting on UAN number first, for your convenience. i.e 111-521-521

This depends upon the availability of funds available to you. And according to your desire of investment. Every time is a time of investment. Profitability is the feature of real estate business.

You need to invest in any society or field with proper working and analysis, finding authentic source and person, so that you might be able to go in a right and reliable direction. 
But when a person goes in wrong hands or agents, he does not blame his working. He directly blame the project. 
We here at PakGroup( Pak Estate Agency) offers you to come to us, Collect information and verify it on different ways. Whether through market or through LDA forum. After Complete
satisfaction we invite you to invest in our said projects. 


For this just call the UAN contact 92-42-111-521-521 and tell the operator to transfer call to any person in sales department. 


To get the listed property just call the company's number 92-42-111-521-521 and tell the operator to transfer to any representative in sales department. 


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